Builds lists of observed unique character values of varlist variables from the data frame.

track_values(dframe, varlist)



Data frame to learn treatments from (training data), must have at least 1 row.


Names of columns to treat (effective variables).


named list of values seen.

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set.seed(23525) zip <- c(NA, paste('z', 1:100, sep = "_")) N <- 500 d <- data.frame(zip = sample(zip, N, replace=TRUE), zip2 = sample(zip, N, replace=TRUE), y = runif(N)) dSample <- d[1:300, , drop = FALSE] tplan <- designTreatmentsN(dSample, c("zip", "zip2"), "y", verbose = FALSE) trackedValues <- track_values(dSample, c("zip", "zip2")) # don't normally want to catch warnings, # doing it here as this is an example # and must not have unhandled warnings. tryCatch( prepare(tplan, d, trackedValues = trackedValues), warning = function(w) { cat(paste(w, collapse = "\n")) })
#> simpleWarning in prepare.treatmentplan(tplan, d, trackedValues = trackedValues): vtreat::prepare: column "zip" has 3 previously unseen values:z_38, z_89, z_71 .